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Introduction: Background & Purpose of This Listing

I've been enchanted with African-American queens of the screen for as long as I can remember, even to the point of researching the films of sistas whose movies I was too young to see premiere.

They are almost too talented to categorize, playing everything from angels and abolitionists, to slaves and vixens! Few have carried a movie as the female lead, but most are more than capable. The occassions in which they had the opportunity (see Dororthy Dandridge), they have made lasting impressions!

I've attempted to compile a comprehensive list of African-American actresses, as well as links to more information about them. I've also created a categorized list which groups them by experience with other ladies in their craft. I am NOT in the entertainment business, so this listing is my opinion as a moviegoer of the careers of these talented ladies.

Information about the stars is courtesy of the Internet Movie Database, The Actors Compendium, Mahogany Cafe, Midnight Ramble, and similar sites. Awards data is researched from LittleGoldenGuy.com


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